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Founded in 1994, Gruparte quickly established its position as one of the leading poster and souvenir supplier throughout Spain. With subsequent rapid growth, Gruparte quickly became a well-respected supplier of licensed products holding with over seventy brand licenses. Working in partnership with some of the world’s biggest brands in music, TV, film, gaming, sport and many other genres, Gruparte forged its reputation for identifying forthcoming trends in popular culture and reacting quickly to bring the best quality products to an ever-changing market.

Gruparte supplies products in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth by our Licensors. Granting Gruparte permission to use the Work in the course of its business and to otherwise copy, make and sell the Work as well as using it for general advertising materials, point of sale displays, and other promotional materials. Further, Gruparte may use the Work in conjunction with an Internet site for the advertisement and sale of the Work.

Gruparte retains all rights to packaging designs and trade dress, for the promotion, marketing and sale of the Work which Gruparte develops, creates, purchases or otherwise owns.

Gruparte shall not grant sub-licenses without the prior written approval of our Licensors.

Gruparte is commited to comply with the terms set forth within our license agreements and  shall not use the Work except in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Agreements. Gruparte acknowledges and agrees that the license granted is non-exclusive and that the Licensors may license others to use the Work subject to any limitations.

Gruparte further agrees that it will not claim ownership rights to the Work, or any derivative, compilation, sequel or series, or related Work owned by or used by the Licensors.

Gruparte is commited to advise each Licensor prior to making any change or modification to the Work, and shall provide Licensors, upon request, with representative samples of how Gruparte is using the Work, including copies or examples of how the Work is used on Gruparte’s Internet site. If, at any time, any use of the Work fails to conform to standards set by the Licensors, the Licensors may provide Gruparte notice of said failure.

Gruparte admits the validity of all copyrights for the Work and all associated registrations and acknowledges that any and all rights that might be acquired by Gruparte because of its use of the Work shall inure to the sole benefit of the Licensors.


Lucasfilm (Star Wars)Sanrio/Fluid (Hello Kitty) Hasbro (Transformers Prime) BBC (Doctor Who) HIT (Thomas And Friends, Fireman Sam) Warner Bros (Harry Potter, Batman, The Hobbit) Nickleodeon (SpongeBob, Victorious) Cartoon Network (Ben 10) Nintendo (Mario) Music (One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, The Beatles, Bob Marley and Elvis)